Corporate Policies



"Always One Step Ahead"

We are working more and more every day with the aim of creating quality, durable and stylish designs by producing each of our products with the excitement and desire of the first day, and we shed light on the fashion "always one step ahead". With the trust we provide, the quality we offer and the comfort we give, we move on " always one step ahead", and we have been taking our steps ahead and safely for 25 years with the desire and belief that our customers prove that "quality, fashion and comfort can be reached together."


Vision; To be the most preferred shoe brand in Turkey and in the World by offering more than the desired service to Venus lovers, with an understanding that invests in the innovative future, created with the harmony of technology and shoes.

Export; Venus Shoes has been improving its place in the foreign market day by day by giving importance to its exports since its establishment. It evaluates the products demanded from abroad in line with the demands received and exports them with the satisfaction of new business partners. It meets the shoe needs of many countries in the overseas market.